Falkland Islands

The best adventures are always the ones at the edge, or perhaps past the edge of the map. I recently returned from a two week trip sailing and diving the Falkland Islands on the Pelagic Australis with Justin Hofman. Arguably it’s a long way to travel for cold water diving in a Macrocystis kelp forest. (Just like Monterey!) Even the water temperature was equivalent at about 48F. But the Falklands are a magical place with vastly more penguins than people and that was certainly a nice change of pace. The scenery is both stark and beautiful and wildlife is abundant. Underwater it occasionally did look a lot like Monterey but at other times was totally different. The strange tree kelp is certainly nothing like I’ve ever seen before.

Better yet we were visited by both Commerson’s and Peale’s Dolphins everywhere we went. This made for some amazing snorkeling.

Weather and other logistical issues make this a tough part of the world to dive in. In the end we only managed 9 dives and I’m left unsure about the overall diving potential of the area. For sure it’s good. The question is whether there is a Browning Pass or Inian Island somewhere. We didn’t find that but I’m cautiously optimistic that Steeple Jason or maybe some of the offshore islands we didn’t get to visit like Sea Lion Island do have something of the kind. Regardless it’s fun to come back from a trip where nobody can help you ID any of the things you saw because so little is know about it.

Galleries from the trip are here:

Falkland Islands Scenics

Falkland Islands Macro

 Falkland Islands Topside

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